The Chip Inn, Edinburgh

Fish & Chips · Pizza · Kebabs · Pastas

0131 441 1940

234 Oxgangs Road North, Edinburgh

Selection of food from Italian Go Al Frescos

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When placing an order we will send you a confirmation email containing our contact details. Any questions about the order, as well as complaints, requests, or issues relating to the quality of food or service provided should be directed to us at the address shown above, by phone on 0131 441 1940, or email at .

Whilst retailers aim to deliver orders within the requested timeframe, unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed and serves a guide time only. Circumstances outside our control may lead to delay or cancellation of an order. In the event of an anticipated delay, we will contact you directly to arrange a different order or refund.

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Privacy Policy

We collect information about you in order to process your order and to tailor your visit to our website to be as relevant to you as possible. We will always seek your consent before sharing this information with other parties.

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Customer Service

If you are unhappy about our food or service for any reason, we want to hear from you. All questions, feedback or complaints should be directed to us at the address shown above, by phone on 0131 441 1940, or by email at .

If you are unhappy with the quality of food or service provided please let us know as soon as possible - your complete satisfaction is our goal and in most cases we will be happy to provide a replacement meal as soon as possible.

All refunds are at our discretion. If you are unhappy with your order, you must first contact us to arrange collection of the order in question and if required we will supply a replacement.

In the unlikely event that an order is not fulfilled we will of course refund your payment as quickly as possible.