About The Chip Inn

The Chip Inn, located at 234 Oxgangs Rd N, Edinburgh EH13 9BQ, is the perfect spot for fish lovers to enjoy a stomach-satisfying fish supper. From traditional fish and chips to pies and tacos, take a seat as we transport you back to your childhood!

If you have a hearty appetite then you'll be pleasantly surprised to find some of the largest pieces of fish imaginable at our chippy. Our fish and Chips has always been a firm favourite in terms of battered fish, but we have a diverse range of other varieties that you should try out, such as freshly fried Plaice fillets and beer battered Haddock.
What’s more, you can opt for our stuffed crust Pizzas, which are all made in-house, and topped with premium mozzarella, housemaid sauces, fresh herbs and other local ingredients. Our Chicken Pizza with a BBQ base is the definition of delicious pleasure, which is loaded with diced chicken, spicy barbecue sauce and more. Others worth trying are the classic Pepperoni and doner Pizza.

On top of that, you can delve into the most succulent Doner Kebabs, double Cheeseburgers and Southern Fried Chicken dishes. There are also various fillings and sauces, and if you fancy going all out, get in on the pasties and pies too.

Our Fish and Chips Takeaway has proudly joined Mealzo online food ordering platform! Download the Mealzo App and order from your local Food Takeaway at a better price.

Please feel free to contact us at 01314411940 and order over the phone.

Thanks for your order. Looking forward to serving you soon.



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